Permanent Device Loss (PDL): A datastore is shown as unavailable in the Storage view A storage adapter indicates the Operational State of the device as Lost Communication All-Paths-Down (APD): A datastore is shown as unavailable...

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Filtering Virtual Machine I/O

I/O filters are software components that can be installed on ESXi hosts and can offer additional data services to virtual machines. The filters process I/O requests, which move between the guest operating system of a virtual...

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ATS (Atomic Test and Set)

ATS-Only Mechanism For storage devices that support T10 standard-based VAAI specifications, VMFS provides ATS locking, also called hardware-assisted locking. The ATS algorithm supports discrete locking per disk sector. All newly...

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Boot from SAN

Configure SAN Components and Storage System : Before you set up your ESXi host to boot from a SAN LUN, configure SAN components and a storage system. Because configuring the SAN components is vendor specificǰ refer to the...

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Connecting to a vPostgres Database

Connecting to a vPostgres Database With pgAdmin:   The pgAdmin client tool is not necessary for connecting to vPostgres databases. The Data Director UI includes everything you need to manage your vPostgres databases...

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vSAN encryption

vSAN can perform data at rest encryption. Data is encrypted after all other processing, such as deduplication, is performed. Data at rest encryption protects data on storage devices, in case a device is removed from the cluster....

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Owner Abdication in VSAN

When the virtual machines attempt a snapshot consolidation there are underlying vSAN components which undergo a change of node-ownership within the cluster. When these events happen simultaneously, various behaviors may occur:...

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What is BufferCache in Esxi

VMware ESXi and ESX provide advanced configuration options that affect the behavior of various components. This article provides steps to review and set new advanced configuration options using several methods. VMware recommends...

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VSAN calculator

The best sizing tool for VSAN: https://virtualsansizing.vmware.com/vsan/SI/SIEV Quote from the site: The purpose of this tool is to help determine the hardware specifications for hosts in a Virtual SAN cluster required to run a...

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