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Understanding VVols

Virtual Volumes (VVols) is a new integration and management framework that virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, enabling a more efficient operational model that is optimized for virtualized environments and centered on the application instead of the infrastructure. Virtual Volumes simplifies operations through policy-driven automation that enables more agile storage consumption for virtual machines and dynamic adjustments in real time, when they are needed. It simplifies the delivery of storage service levels to individual applications by providing finer control of hardware resources and native array-based data services that can be instantiated with virtual machine granularity. With Virtual Volumes (VVols), VMware offers a...

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Basic Commands for VSAN

VSAN is one of the best Products available from VMware. vSAN is a core building block for the Software-Defined Data Center. Let us understand the different terminologies used in VSAN : CMMDS – Cluster Monitoring, Membership, and Directory Service CLOMD – Cluster Level Object Manager Daemon OSFSD – Object Storage File System Daemon CLOM – Cluster Level Object Manager OSFS – Object Storage File System UUID – Universally unique identifier VSANVP – Virtual SAN Vendor Provider SPBM – Storage Policy-Based Management VSA – Virtual Storage Appliance MD – Magnetic disk SSD – Solid-State Drive RVC – Ruby vSphere Console RDT –...

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