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Troubleshooting Memory Errors in UCS

Memory errors are encountered when an attempt is made to read a memory location. The value read from the memory does not match the value that is supposed to be there. Classification of Memory Errors Detected Versus Undetected...

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UCS Blade Server vs Rack Server

The following table lists the differences between the Blade Servers and Rack Servers: Blade Servers Rack Servers Sits into UCS blade chassis Sits on a rack Can’t operate independently. Requires UCS infrastructure Can operate...

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Cisco UCS Architecture

Unified Computing System Manager: Embedded device manager for family of UCS components Enables stateless computing via Service Profiles Efficient scale: Same effort for 1 to N blades APIs for integration with new and existing...

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UCS components

The basic Cisco components of the UCS are: UCS manager: Cisco UCS Manager implements policy-based management of the server and network resources. Network, storage, and server administrators all create service profiles, allowing...

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SAN Booting to Allow Server Mobility

Booting over a network (LAN or SAN) is a mature technology and an important step in moving toward stateless computing, which eliminates the static binding between a physical server and the OS and applications it is supposed to...

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