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PowerShell Modules for Rubrik

So once you connect to the Rubrik Module : Requirements: PowerShell version 4 or higher PowerCLI version 6.0 or higher Rubrik version 2.2 or higher (optional) Windows Management Framework 5.0  Installation : +++++++++ Option 1:...

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Who deleted my VM?

This is the best one which is mostly asked by customers . $SqlServer = "SQLSERVER"; $SqlDB = "VCDB"; $MYVM = "TEST" $TypeofEvent = "vim.event.VmRemovedEvent" # The vim.event.VmRemovedEvent is a Removed action from VC you can...

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PowerShell Scripts for Esxi

List all ESX Hosts and their Service console information: Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostNetwork | Select Hostname, ConsoleGateway, DNSAddress -ExpandProperty ConsoleNic | Select Hostname, PortGroupName, IP, SubnetMask, ConsoleGateway,...

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