vSphere Folders are commonly used by administrators for organizational purposes and/or permission delegation. When the customer tried to move their vSAN datastore into a folder using the vSphere Web Client (applies to HTML5 Web Client as well), what they found was that nothing happens even though the UI indicates the operation should be possible with the (+) symbol.

I decided to perform the operation using the vSphere API instead of the UI. Behind the scenes, the UI simply calls the MoveIntoFolder_Task() vSphere API which allows you to move various vSphere Inventory objects into a vSphere Folder.

For PowerCLI users, we can use Move-Datastore cmdlet which I will be using for this:

In my setup, I have one vSAN Datastores, one from a vSphere 6.0u3 environment . Lets say I want to move the 60u3 datastore to TEST. The following PowerCLI snippet below does exactly that:

Move-Datastore -Datastore (Get-Datastore "vsanDatastore") -Destination (Get-Folder "TEST")

You can see the TEST datastore .vSAN Datastores is now part of a vSphere Folder!

For now, if you need to move vSAN-based datastore into a vSphere Folder, simply use the vSphere API as a workaround.