There are few amazing features which recently came by with Rubrik 4.1 release . I tried pick some and post it here:

1 :Azure cloud instantiation :

Must say this was one of the most important feature which was requested by most of the customer and here it is now.You can use a VM snapshot to instantiate a VM on Azure. This might be useful for testing purposes.Guest OS supported are Windows server from 2008 to 2012 (If I am not wrong on this ) and Ubuntu 14.04+

2 :Archive to Google Cloud:

So in this ,you can use a Google Cloud solution Platform Buckets as Archival Locations.

3 :Virtual Machine inking:

This was also a very important feature was not part of previous releases.

Enable virtual machine linking to provide the ability to identify a virtual machine and all associated snapshots despite changes in the managed object reference ID (MOID) of the virtual machine.
The MOID of a virtual machine changes when the virtual machine is: re-registered, moved to another vCenter, or recovered using Rubrik Instant Recovery.
Virtual machine linking enables the following features to continue to be provided for a virtual machine, despite a MOID change:
>> Maintained snapshot history and availability
>> Continued incremental snapshots instead of requiring a full snapshot
>> Retained direct SLA Domain assignment Virtual machine linking is optional and can be enabled at the vCenter Server level.
Virtual machine linking is always enabled for Instant Recovery and always disabled for Live Mount.

There is a catch to it as well in user guide :

Note: The automatic linking feature does not perform any retroactive processing. For example, if the feature is turned off, and a VM is deleted and re-registered with the same vCenter, the re-registered VM will be added as a new VM. Even if automatic linking is turned on after that occurs, the new VM will not be linked to the previous VM.

4 :Hyper-V SCVMM support:

Haven’t seen in person if many customer are using Hyper-V but if you do , this is one of the feature you are looking for now.

Support for Microsoft Hyper-V System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). This enables:
>> Full discovery of a Hyper-V environment.
>> Push install of the Rubrik Backup Service to Windows Servers that host Hyper-V and to Hyper-V Servers.

5 :Nutanix AHV:

There is  feature enhancement on AHV

>>Agent Based file restore

>>Application consistency backup by guest OD tools (Nutanix Guest OS)

>>Export is faster because of parallel thread execution.

6 :Improvement in custom reports:

>> System Capacity – Detailed information about the impact on system capacity of all protected objects.
>> Capacity Over Time – Capacity usage information over a specified period.
>> Global Protection Summary – Status and capacity information for all protected objects across all sites within the deployment.
>> Snapshot Summary (Missed and Successful) – Snapshot status and summary information for individual protected objects.

There are lot of other features which got pushed for 4.1 , these are the important ones.

Please feel free to comment on any Rubrik related queries to this channel.