When the virtual machines attempt a snapshot consolidation there are underlying vSAN components which undergo a change of node-ownership within the cluster. When these events happen simultaneously, various behaviors may occur:

  • An error stating Generic Configuration Fault Error occurs when a backup is taken.
  • An error stating the virtual machine cannot continue to run due to a problem with quiescing the guest operation system, and it might crash.

Error message = “An error occurred while saving the snapshot: Failed to quiesce the virtual machine”


public java.lang.String[] abdicateDomOwnership(java.lang.String[] uuids)

                                        throws RuntimeFault,


Abdicate ownership of DOM objects. The objects must be currently owned by this host. Which host has ownership of an object at a given point in time can be queried from QueryVsanObjects() or QueryCmmds() APIs. Abdicating ownership tears down DOM owner in-memory state. Hosts in the cluster will then compete to become the new owner of the object, similar to a host failure event. There is a short interruption of IO flow while the owner re-election is going on, but it is transparent to any consumers of the object. This API is meant as a troubleshooting and debugging tool. It is internal at this point and can be used to resolve issues where DOM owner gets “stuck”.


uuids – List of VSAN/DOM object UUIDs.





RuntimeFault ——>https://jar-download.com/javaDoc/com.toastcoders/yavijava/6.0.03/com/vmware/vim25/RuntimeFault.html


vSphere API 6.0

Please contact VMware support for further understanding on Owner Abdication on VSAN as it is an internal process.