This was something I came across accidentally so thought it may be worth a very brief post about as I found some amazing contents there.

VMware Storage and Availability Technical Documents Hub 

This is an online repository of technical documents and “how to” guides including video documents for all storage and availability products within VMware. Namely, it has some very useful contents for 4 VMware product categories (as of now)

  • VSAN
  • SRM
  • Virtual Volumes
  • vSphere Replication

Let us check the VSAN section :

Than I just clicked on USE CASES:

What an amazing View of Use cases, this is what we need in our day in and out job.

Similarly there are some good technical documentation around vVols including overview, how to set up and implement VVols…etc.. However in comparison, the content is a little light for the others compared to VSAN, but I’m sure more content will be added as the portal gets developed further.

All the information are presented in HTML5 interface which is easy to navigate with handy option to print to PDF option on all pages if you wanna download the content as a PDF for offline reading which is great.

One amazing feature is at : vSAN Remote Office Deployment

Also : VMware vSAN Disaster Recovery