Rubrik is the world’s first Cloud Data Management platform that delivers data protection, search, analytics, and copy data management to hybrid cloud enterprises.

Why Rubrik ???

1: Rubrik will allow us to provide an effective backup solution for cloud clients.You find the idea of being able to dynamically set SLA’s to your VM’s across both private and public clouds.

2: Can spend less time focusing on building backup infrastructure and more time designing and maintaining solutions

3: The ease of deployment and amazing user interface for customers is a key differentiator in the market.

4: Zero time restores, granular recovery to the file level, and Google-like predictive search!!!! Whaooooo.

     The best part of Rubrik is that you reduce your RPO. The recovery of a Microsoft Exchange database took only minutes with Rubrik. Before it would have taken 12 hours to restore and then we would have had to mount the database with power tools that we purchased ourselves. The Google-like Rubrik file restores have been a life saver many times

5: Native Immutability to Fight Ransomware: Recover from ransomware with no data loss with immutable backups built into the platform. Resume business within minutes of an attack. Instantly search and recover files to any point-in-time, on-premises or in the cloud. No ransom, no downtime.

How do Rubrik make backups interesting and simple?

Add vCenter :

1. Log in to the web UI.
2. Click the gear icon on the top right of the web UI.
The Settings menu appears.

3. From the Settings menu, select vCenter servers.
The Virtual Infrastructure page appears.

4. Click the blue + icon.
The Add vCenter dialog box appears.
5. In vCenter IP, type the resolvable hostname or IPv4 address of the vCenter Server.

6. In vCenter Username, type the username assigned to the Rubrik cluster.
7. In vCenter Password, type the password assigned to the Rubrik cluster.
8. Click Add.

So, once you add the vCenter you can check the VM list under Virtual Machine Tab :

Now we have to create SLA and add them to the VMs to initiate Backups.

Let us try to create an SLA now:

1. On the left pane of the Rubrik web UI, select SLA Domains > Local Domains.

2. Click the blue + icon.
The Create New SLA Domain dialog box appears

3. In SLA Domain Name, type a name for the new SLA Domain.Also, if you want to add the archival and replication setting click the “Configure Remote Settings “button on the same tab after you define the SLA.

4: You can see a new tab of “Remote Storage Configuration”

>> You can use your archival location and a retention policy as you wish to 🙂

>> Also the replication target:

>> Change the retention of archival or replication by adjusting the scroll bar :














4: We are ready to go now. Hit “Create SLA”


Now let us see how to add SLA to a VM :

1: Click on the VM and you can see a page like this :

You have options:

2: Click on “Manage Protection”

3: Click on  “Submit”

4: I took an on-demand snapshot.It is the first backup, so you might see a “warning ” at the bottom of the same page :

Few, moments and you see the progress :

And it completes in no time (First full back up might take some time depending on the size of VMDK )


So, it’s simple and very easy to perform backups now.

You are not a big fan of complexity than Rubrik is the best product to work with  🙂